Comprehensive Solution Provider

Our target is to be preferred partner of choice in providing comprehensive services and solutions for various industries

Enhancing Engineering and Process

Our commitment is to provide enhanced solution through updated engineering and excellent management

Beyond Customer Satisfaction

We belive in long term relation with customer to support the growth and sustainability through TRUST and SATISFACTION

MFM Offering Hydrograhic and Geophysical Survey

MFM offers a complete range of hydrographic survey services and precise geophysical and geotechnical data required to satisfy design criteria and identify potential risks to the maritime and oil & gas industries. Using advanced sensors, we help clients identify and avoid potential geohazards as well as soil conditions that show the structural integrity and performance…

MFM Venture as One-Stop-Centre in Industrial Power

MFM offers sales, rental and maintenance of Diesel Generators, Electric Power Generator Sets, Automatic Transfer Switches and Standby Gensets. We offer all major high-performance brand name manufacturers, including: Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, etc. Diesel generators are suited for quick start, cost effective fuel solutions with durability in numerous industrial business sectors like data centers, hospitals, hi-tech…

MFM Offer New Service in Energy Management & Sustainability Reporting

MFM offer its new division of energy management consultants to help organizations benchmark their energy consumption and perform sustainability audits. We advise on improvement projects in order to reduce the organization’s energy consumption. We support the organization with new ways of working and optimized space occupancy. We also offer full consultation and training courses related…

Leveraging your business with our innovative solutions

MFM Group of Companies consist of MFM Legacy Group and its subsidiaries is a national one stop solution provider that serves businesses in various industries such oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, governments, non-governmental organizations, etc. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their work performance and achieve their most important goals. We help make…