We are supplying a variety of portable toilets and cabins for rent for industry and wide range of events. These mobile toilets are designed to be highly durable, capable of being used in both hot and cold weathers, have good air ventilation and come equipped with deodorizing chemicals to neutralize odour and leaves fresh smell even after repeated use. Our range of portable toilet types for event use include premium units, HTE-HV fan-equipped units, handicapped units and portable showers, ensuring we always have the right type of mobile toilet units for the right events and occasion, be it a fair, a concert, or a corporate function.

For cabin, These cabin toilet units are equipped ceramic sinks, soap dispensers, mirrors, interior light, exhaust fans, air conditioner, rubbish bin and floor mats. Dry cleaner and standby cleaner services are provided along with toilet rental. They are available in several options to cater to different budgets and needs, from basic to premium, and all units have a septic tank capacity of 4000 liters, ensuring that whatever budget and needs our clients have in mind, we would be ready to supply the right type of portable cabin toilet unit.